Physical Server Hosting

Our Virtual Server service addresses the majority of server hosting requirements. However, there are specific instances where application requirements or non-standard configurations will require the use of physical hardware to run systems on bare-metal. 


Requirements to host your systems in UCSF facilities:

  • redundant power supplies with cords (C13 to C14, PDU Style 12 AMP).
  • redundant network interfaces and interface optics (if needed).
  • encrypted drives.
  • rack mounting hardware (sliding rails, etc)
  • out-of-band management enabled (Cisco CIMC, Dell IDRAC, HPE ILO, IPMI, etc)
  • warranty and software support with via first-party vendors (Cisco SmartNet, Dell ProSupport, HPE Care Pack, etc) with greater than 1Y term.


Rackspace, power, cooling, and dual-homed network connectivity are charged per RU (rack unit).  Whole racks and additional network and data connectivity options are available upon request.  Colocation services include “smart-hands” support.


Network and data connectivity to UCSF networks with advanced firewall protection.  GigE (Gigabit Ethernet), 10 GigE (10 Gigabit Ethernet), and 40 GigE (40 Gigabit Ethernet) network switching connectivity is available.  Data connectivity is available via popular network protocols. 


UCSF IT also has available services for your hosted systems available at an additional cost:

  • System administration.
  • Storage options supporting the most popular protocols.
  • Fibre channel services.
  • Load balancing, SSL offload, and application delivery control.
  • Automated geo-diverse backup at $0.14/GB.
  • Hardware lifecycle management with destruction certification.

Set up a consultation with UCSF IT to discuss the options that best fit your needs.