Benefits of Virtual Hosting Services

Shorter deployment time
  • No procurement of hardware
  • Allocated resources from the virtual server pool
  • Multiple servers created from single image
  • Reduced staffing time required
  • Shortened server deployment time shortened.
Scalability and Flexibility
  • Virtual resources can be quickly added to increase the capacity
  • You buy only what you need
  • Adding vCPUs and RAM is as simple as a reboot
  • Additional disk space can frequently be added on the fly
  • Move data from a slow storage tier to a faster one without disruption to services
  • Reduced need to over-build a server “just to be safe”, saving money and power
Simplifies Development and Testing Environments
  • Reduces the costs of running separate development, staging and production environments
  • Development servers may be created from production images with no downtime
  • Quickly modify, test and deploy images into production, speeding up the development cycle
  • Decommission development and staging environments when no longer needed, further reducing costs
It's Green - Save on Power, Space, and Cooling
  • Dramatically reduce the physical space, power, and cooling compared to physical counterparts
  • Reduced consumption of power and cooling and saves money too
No physical server upgrades and maintenance
  • No scheduled downtime to perform hardware upgrades, replace failing components or replace aging hardware
  • Seamlessly migrate to a different server , perform preventative maintenance and even completely refresh the hardware
Hardware Fault Tolerance
  • Infrastructure is built with fault tolerant components (redundant power supplies, storage and network connections)
  • In the event a host should fail, virtual servers are automatically migrated and restarted using spare capacity
Simplified Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Software replicates virtual machines to a remote data center
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are relatively standard and do not require custom engineering for each physical system and application
Leverage other benefits of the data center
  • 24x7 staffing
  • Precision power and cooling
  • Enhanced security
  • Encrypted tape backups

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